Purpose in 2017

The New Year has begun!  I appreciate the seasons and cycles of life in this little county of Leelanau, allowing a distinction in time that seems to be moving more quickly every year!  The holidays have been celebrated, the days are staying lighter longer, and a new year has begun.  A fantastic time to write goals, evaluate what has been completed and experienced and what may need to be carried over or added to the new list.  I try to make two lists;  one for The Redheads and one for my home/family.

Some of the things that I have added (and carried over) for The Redheads list is growing our production sales to support our big move to Traverse City.  It has always been our goal to offer CLEAN, SUSTAINABLE, VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE, ORGANIC/LOCAL, foods that can be a quick, healthy option that oh yeah, TASTES great!

This is the purpose for The Redheads.  We can not be our best selves with out feeling well.  We can not feel well with out clean food.  Hence, we are continuing to spread our message.  Please share our story and our purpose and help us grow!  We are also thrilled about launching two new dressings and adding several new distributors to help us spread the word…and get our products in more stores around the state!  Stay tuned for launches of the new products and stores..and remember, I do depend on you to help me spread the word…to help share with one another why eating well (and choosing a company that demands to be a part of the sustainable cycle) is so very important!  We will continue to focus on the growth and many of the other items on The Redheads list…and over the next few months we will reveal more!

On my home/family list, I have many items as well.  As you may already know, Aaron and I love to travel.  For seven plus years, we had our 5 week cross country trip to The Redwoods on our list…and it has almost been two years since we made that come to fruition!  What a thrilling experience!  As a family, we talk about those 9,000 cross country miles we travelled all the time…as I am sure we will do forever.

But alas, two other trips sat on the list below our Redwoods trip:  Disney and then Ireland.  We are saving for both and hope to accomplish Disney (with some of  the cousins:) this fall, while needing a bit more time  and savings to travel to Ireland.  It is on the list, so we will make it happen!  We also live in a 1300 square foot home (plus a basement and garage…) that has two bedrooms.  We are hoping to spend some time this summer, or perhaps next, moving a few walls to create another bedroom.  The kids are getting to that age where one small shared room just ain’t gonna cut it.  It has been exciting for Aaron and I (and some great help from my amazingly spacial mastermind sister Heather) to design the changes to our home…with out going bigger, just being more effective with the design of the space we have.  A purpose to be mindful of space and resources, as well as of the needs of our kids whom are growing up.  Being a creative heart, I surely enjoy the challenge of this one on my list.  Of course, I also have other personal goals …to encourage more time for myself, staying committed to my spiritual journey, to being present and more aware, and get lots of outside time.  2017 is also about dialing in on the auto immune disease that I have discovered I have…and sharing as much with the world about my discoveries.  More on next months blog about this!

This leaves me an item on my purpose list for 2017 that is on both my personal list and The Redheads list.  I am making it my purpose to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment.  As of today, January 23rd 2017, my daughter, sisters, mothers, nieces, aunts, cousins, woman friends DO NOT have equal rights to men in the constitution of the United States of America.  It is shocking to me that this is true…after all the work done in the past century, we still do not have protected equal rights for women.  This is disturbing for so many reasons and negatively affects ALL women and girls, as well as men.  I am a feminist.  I am proud to be a feminist.  Now, now, remember the true definition of feminism is “the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes;  :  organized activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests”.  This is a purpose for all of us…women and men no matter our race, religion nor political views.   I am proud to say that my husband is a feminist, my son is a feminist.  Many of my brothers, male friends and family members are feminist as they know that all of our lives are better when we are treated equal.

My dear friend Diane introduced the movie Equal means Equal to me.  Watch it.  It explains the journey of the ERA and what we can do to finally get our constitution to protect women.  Email me if you want to get involved as I am going to be committed to this purpose until this amendment is passed.  I am proud to have joined hundreds of thousands of women in marching FOR equal rights and to have been holding my Edwin and Olive’s hands in downtown Traverse City on Saturday.  It was thrilling and positive and beautiful.   I am a firm believer in being FOR something, rather than against something.  The energy is different.  The intention more effective.  The voice truer.  So hear my roar.  Ratify the ERA.

2017.  What is your purpose?  What is on your list?  I bid you incredible energy towards all that you hold sacred…and know that it is a special time right now in history and your voice is important, your purpose matters.  Thank you for listening to mine.

Sending nothing but love and light~

Sarah Felicity

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Winter is coming…no wait, it is here!

It is a quiet silent moment that I have grabbed, like a three year old reaching up, as high as his tippy toes will lift him, to snag the red and white candy cane on the tree.  Delighted.  In  my living room, mid afternoon, next to my woodstove, Mosey sprawled out, passed out directly in front of the warmest place in my home.  Our perfect (seriously!) tree from Kolarik’s Tree farm placed between Wyn’s lego cupboard and our out-of-tune Baldwin piano…in front of the windows so “People can see the tree and lights as they drive by…” says my 10 year old.  A piping hot cup of Light of Day’s Earl Grey with a touch of almond milk (try this drink!  Unbelievable!) helps to elegantly finish this cozy scene.  Ahhhhh.

Now, I could have started this blog with how the morning began 9 hours ago with the silhouette leaning over me at 4am.  Strangely enough, I thought it was my son, whose frame is significantly smaller than that of my daughter.  But alas, after a few moments of me calling her her brother, she begged the morning confusion out of me and I recognized her…and her pleas for me to help her with her sore throat.  She crawled in and we got her some tylenol and dabbed some eucalyptus behind her ears to help ease her pain.  A bit later that son of mine I thought her to be, was now asking me, in between gunky coughs, to scoot over so he could climb in.  Squashed between these two boom-booms, I attempted to return to sleep.  Choice word attempted:)  But I know these days are numbered…where my babies will still snuggle in and I am right here to comfort them.   I could have also mentioned in the start of this blog that they both weren’t feeling well enough because of colds and lack of sleep to rise at 7am and spring for the start of new week.  Next, we read in bed for a bit, they got ready, slowly for school while I had a conference call.  Fed the dog, got firewood for fire, turned out the lights, grabbed the lunches, packed up paperwork for the day, called chiropractor, texted with Jessica, Matt, and Craig, dropped Olive off at school so she wouldn’t miss math class (true that Mrs. Kirt!), ran Wyn to see Dr.Marie and Dr.Cassey to get adjusted, stopped in to Cafe to ask Chef John to make Wyn a gluten free quesadilla, saw Eric, saw Brian, finished register and picked up back bank to get change, went to post office, saw Chris, drove to bank, ran into Channing, had Wyn help me count deposit, dropped off change to cafe, then drove to Leland school to drop him off at class.  And as I write all this, it isn’t a terrible way to start the blog, nor the day.  But that is because I can flip it.

“Flip it”.  The Sarah Felicity Landry Ryder dictionary states: [flip] ‘To flip it’:  to toss or put in motion with a sudden impulse as with a snap of a finger or thumb.  And this has been my practice.  Flip it.  The more I practice the better I get…as with most things.  4am, I am tired, sick kids, work early, to do list longer than Santa’s whose been naughty or nice list, squashed in bed.  Flip it!  Got a solid 5 hours before sick kids come to bed, get to snuggle with the most important humans on earth, get to comfort them with oils and pain relievers and hugs, get to rearrange day to accommodate their needs, still get to bang things off the list.  Just like the snap of my fingers, I choose to flip it.  Granted, there are times when I need to fake it to make it.  No doubt.  And yes, the PollyAnna in me regularly shows her cheerful face…because it just feels better.  But the more I practice, the easier it is to just trust that God*Universe*Energy*Dharma*Hygge*Creative Essense, whatever the word assigned to the belief, to the faith, will guide me.  This is certainly scary at times, to just trust…especially for this planning-virgo here.  But the more I practice letting go, the more fulfilled and cradled I feel.  I have also found that the more I expand and allow, the more connected to my body I am…which easily encourages me to make better decisions in holding my Self sacred.  It all just kinda falls in line.  And, it is contagious.  I then find myself around others who are doing the same, which helps me continue the practice.

A trick to all this seems to also be, to let myself go to whatever space I need to be in to be able to live where I feel the most full.  So.  I worry sometimes.  About how to keep this business going…and more importantly growing.  About how to get these possible accounts to bite and start ordering.  About how to maintain relationships with stores to stay in touch with our products, customers and the impact we have in the world.  About how to make through another winter, when sales are scarce.  About how to accomplish all we at The Redheads have set out to do and put so much energy towards.  And these worries can be very heavy at times.  These worries can leave me paralyzed at times.  They can make me question everything.  They can make me angry.  They can make me scared, and sad.  So be it.  I sit in it.  Granted, as I practice the flip, I sit in it for less time and less often, but I do go there.  I have found that when I do,  I then can see what harm can come from my worst fears.  What is most important?  I go back to basics and remember what is truly important.  And then it isn’t so scary.  And usually this is when it all plays out…for the best…with out me controlling the outcome.  It is freeing and I feel like my best self, which is what I believe I am here to learn how to do.  Be my best self.

There you have it.  My sharing for the day.  In this sweet quiet, cozy moment, I rejoice in the snowflakes gently falling.  As the longest day of the year approaches, I am grateful for the light and the dark.  I smile at the individual memories that each one of these ornaments on this tree hold.  I close my eyes and type while a blast of sunshine briskly fills my living room and then is gone.  I am left with the thought that this time I have had here the last four decades has gone fast and that there are no guarantees…really about anything.  So I rejoice!  I sit in it!  I flip it!  I let go!  And I say thank you.  I have felt your support, as I know you can feel mine.  And in my mind’s (third:) eye, we are all connected and I believe we can flip it together…just like that!

Blessed be.  May your joy in this holiday season be met with clean, healthy food, sweet faces, and true connection to all you hold dear.

From my family to yours~


Sarah Felicity

PS..check out our Holiday hours on our facebook page (please like me already!) or on our new website http://www.redheadsinc.com where you can also send that holiday gift box you have been meaning to pick out!  LOVE


Fall is by far my favorite season.  This one seems to have blown by faster than any other for me and was fuller than any other before as well!   The sun sets on evening swims at Neddows, biking the heritage trail, and floating down the carp river in our beloved 1954 LoneStar-“Live Free or Die”…  Labor day closes our busy season at the Cafe, school and soccer begins for my kids, my middle school volleyball coaching starts, my staff dwindles to two (ish) for the fall/winter hours, and my husband and I try to scoot to our annual visit to the the UP with the kids.  Change is in effect.

Change.  It is a great word…starting with a confident and solid ‘CH’ sound…with sister sounds like “charge”, and “cherish” or “chitty chitty bang bang”!   And it’s soft middle ‘AN’ mirroring the sounds of “angel”, “animal” and “annual”.   And the smashing ending of ‘GE’!  A perfect dismount melody of “ginger”, “giant” or “gesture”.  As a songwriter, I marvel at the unique rhythm and punch each word has, bringing all the more meaning!  (You also may be able to detect that my son is 7 and we are magically sounding out words:)

I grow the most when I experience change.  I am the most vulnerable when I am taken out of a familiar pattern.  I remember going to school in Ireland in a small western town.  It had two pubs, a small store, a few houses, and of course a church.  It was all so new to me and I felt a bit nervous and vulnerable.  I grew more in that 7 months abroad and traveling than any time before in my life.  It was refreshing and exciting and I saw not only different sides of the world, but also different sides of myself.  This is what keeps me engaged in my journey with myself, my family, my work and my life now.  I ask the journey to be my goal.  My intention is to be real and available to the moment.  I practice listening….and as many of you may already know, have practiced sharing at a young age and for many years!

In this time of change of seasons, change of staff, in searching for a new chef for the Cafe, in hiring a fantastic sales consultant in production, in stepping back into my beloved kitchens…I see the change.  What a fantastic year we have had in opening the cafe to seven days a week for the summer and creating the 1700 sq ft production kitchen and all the efforts in between.  It was 20 years ago today that Christen and I signed a land contract with Matt Benjamin to buy The Hot Spot (aka kejara’s bridge, aka The Redheads Cafe).  Twenty years…and so much has changed.  I could have never imagined all that has taken place in the past 20 years…but I am certainly deeply grateful for the journey and am looking forward to all the more changes along the way.  And the opportunities to be vulnerable, to learn and to grow.

I leave with the thought that we truly can’t even imagine how great life is.  When we allow our minds and hearts to open and expand, the opportunity for greatness beyond our wildest dreams is allowed to spread its wings and take us to flight.

Livin’ it sassy, and lifting off!


Sarah Felicity


It takes a village…

So it is kinda like watching your kids go off to college.  Or so I can only imagine.  We did it. We moved our production facility in to Traverse City to join the GT Food innovation hub and contribute to the dream of Cherry Capital Foods at 1610 Barlow.  It has taken a village to make this move happen as well as roughly two years to solidify the plans, funding, and logistics to get The Redheads to graduation and as I like to say behind the scenes, to “Put her big girl pants on”.

Just like wondering if your sophomore is going be ready to take that leap to calculus, I wondered if my baby (The Redheads Company) after 19 years would be ready to make the jump to it’s own facility.  Whether she would be able to pay her own mortgage, find a place in the big city amoung so many other graduates, and figure out how to cook for herself, pay her bills and be far away from home.AEW_3359

I was also pondering if the Cafe was ready to launch to 7 days a week and extend her hours to 7am to 4pm.  I wondered if the new Chef and sous Chef would be able to carry the torch of managing all the aspects of turning out great food dish by dish, while maintaining the personal touch of making EVERY customer feel welcomed, satisfied and have them leave with the feeling that they are part of something really important:  from the food to the community to the art and music, as well as the local economics/sustainable living and to the “we are all connected”…in so very many ways.

I also wondered if I was ready.  I have grown up with her, The Redheads.  I was 23 when I embarked on this venture with my sister and as I have written before, was reborn in so many ways because of this business.  I had to really launch myself to let go and trust those who were attracted to my vision of a sustainable company that cares…about so many things.  I had to trust that my hope for a working atmosphere based on excellence, cleanliness, precision, consistency and positivity could be left in the hands of those who also believe in those ideals.


Well, she, TR was ready.  I, too, was ready.  It was time to grow.  It was time to push forward and allow this beautiful world  to bring its light to an entity that so many have helped to “grow up”, to change, to evolve.  There are so many people to tip my hat to in this process.  I shall make an attempt at mentioning a few, but know that really in my true heart of hearts it is with each conversation and interaction with this community and beyond that has offered me a perspective, a voice and a platform on which to dream.

To my husband and children.  You are my life.  All of what I live for and dream of is with you.  Thank you for loving me unconditionally and for trusting and encouraging me to follow my heart and dreams.  I will always aim to give you the same.  I love you.



My Mom and Dad for putting up with me through….well, let’s face it, my entire life!  Thank you for always being there and for trusting that the village would do their part to help grow me:)

My sisters.  My besties.  My rocks.  I truly can not imagine me with out you.  For the love, sweat and tears we have all endured together…you each have so contributed to me and my life and family.  My heart swells just writing these words.  I am beyond fortunate to have this beautiful connection we all have.  Blessed are we.  And amen for the fabulous men we have added to the mix…we are fortunate that they have agreed to hop on board!


To my core staff:  Jessica, Craig, Matt, Chef Fig, Nikki, Kerry and Annette.  WE did it!  Because of your belief in me and your own fabulous commitments to authenticity, vitality and what you hold true….we are doing this together.  I am enamored by our efforts as a team and what we have accomplished.  Hold your heads high because this move happened because of you.  And we have so much more to create!  Thank you, truly.


And to the rest of our current staff….the vintage (Jenna, Katie, Lydia, Bethy, Kolene, Kira, Addy, Eli, Whitney) and the new (Hannah, Brennan) you hold the torch high and when all other businesses are struggling to find staff, I have to rejoice in having all of you holding that torch representing  what The Redheads stands for…I am grateful for your piece of the puzzle and for wearing the badge of ambassador to extend to the world what we do and who we are.  (And a shout out to Diana and Lori and the Leelanau Books staff for allowing us to maintain and thrive at the lil Leland Cafe!)


To the endless hours of planning and sorting to these folks:

Evan, Lee, Chip and team at Cherry Capital Foods, Rob Sirrine and board (started with you!), Bill and Tricia with Taste the Local Difference, Chris Wendell-Northern Initatives,  Laura Galbrith and team at Venture North, Cris Gross with Stafford-Smith, Ben Leggit at GT Refrigeration, Bryce and Shen at Score, Kevin Buhr with Buhr Electric, Mike Kirt with Brittney Mechanical, Joni & Carolyn from MSBC, Billy Wright/ Colby/Ray for advise and consulting…and so many more who directly helped design and implement the kitchen in our brand new nearly 1700 square foot production kitchen!

The RedZone (production facility nickname:) has graduated cum laude from The Redheads HeadQuarters in Lake Leelanau Michigan!  On to bigger and better adventures so keep helping us spread the word!  (Cause now we gots to pay for tuition for the new digs:)

And two cheers to The Redheads Cafe and Tasting Room for graduating to full time and full dedication to where it all began….with great food, sweet atmosphere, and amazing people!

So, as you see, it certainly takes a village to grow a child, an idea, a lil redhead and her dreams.  I applaud to all of the above and to each of you who supports our efforts and continue to support me.  The Cafe and Redzone are graciously bowing to you for contributing to what I feel, what we feel, is truly a special venture.

(Insert photo of your sweet face here! Yes, you reading these words right now:)

Thank you for being my village, our village.


Best from the bottom of my heart~


Sarah Felicity


Where the time goes…


It is amazing to me that it was 19 years ago today that Christen and I were cutting potatoes to soak in water, making romescu sauce for hash burritos, and finishing the fine details of opening Kejara’s Bridge for the first time.  In ways it seems like ages ago, and in moments like now when I write about these memories, they peel off my memory like they happened yesterday.  I marvel at the transformation that has occurred in Lake Leelanau, or what we in LL fondly refer to as “the hood.”

Here is my clever way of getting all my minds rants in one blog…and hope to have you engaged for the majority of it.  Here goes:

*1996 Dad in CA.  Talking about moving back.  Wants to start an angel store.  (Yes, as in selling all things angel.)  The Hot Spot is up for auction.  He offers a land contract for building.

*Christen is helping him sort details of buying Hot Spot as he is far away.  He asks if we want to help with the Angel store.  I have no interest.  At all.

*Ck and I start talking about what me and Corradini twins had dreamed about  on our return from Ireland & Europe:  hostel, bar, music, art, clean food.

*Kejara’s conception.  We didn’t know that was the moment.  But we do now.

*October 1996 sign on building.  Dad’s angel store 0.  Our community based coffee house art gallery music venue 1.  Major renovations begin.  Dad.  Kerry.  Christen.  Molly.  Simon.  School Lake Road.  Worked full time for TV7&4 as a photographer from 4pm to midnight and worked on Hot Spot all other hours.  Christen (Ck….Christen Kelly) worked at Leelanau Country Inn full time and all other hours at Kejara’s.  Constant help from Molly, Simon, Kerry, Mom, Dad, sisters, Jon Pace, Andy Shudlich, Jeremy Anderson, Arden, Colby and a billion others.

*Quit day jobs.  Open Mother’s Day, 1997.  Work 75 plus hours a week.  Take turns sleeping in office chair…even lost time as we  both fell asleep one slow afternoon doing paperwork on the half moon couch on stage.  Awoke with drool on cheek.  Unaware of how long we slipped from reality.  Long hours.  Living the dream.  Young and beautifully naive.

*Jacqueline Landry.  Our first employee.  Three redheaded sisters working together in a 500 sq foot kitchen.  Tons of laughs maybe a few tears.

*Meet Aaron one month after we open.  Walks in with Laurent and Colby.  I whisper to Jackie while he looks at menu boards up front while leaning on mosaic pole, “Now that is the kind of good looking I like”.  🙂

*Amazing support.  Friends, family…community.  Local art on walls.  Drums circles.  A little night music was born. A few food items.  Find out fast that we need more food to sell.  Mom is worried we won’t offer a burger and fries.  Wants us to succeed.  Not sure  Leelanau is ready for the farm to table concept.  She is right, but with a bit of hanging in there….happens.


*Four years later.  Really starting to get busy in the summer.  Our peeps keep us going in the winter.  Lots of nights on the beach, late nights at the bluebird, songsinging and saxophone playing, coaching volleyball, travelled the east coast, travelled the west coast, went back to Ireland, added breakfast to menu.  Worked 70/80 hour work weeks….still:)

*2003 beginnings of marketing “The Redheads” hummus at the Leland Merc and Hansen Foods.  Thanks Joanie and Joe & Dave and Leslie for helping us launch this product line!  Cathy, who is our aunt, helped us develop brand and marketing strategies.  Christen led one while I ran the other….flipped flopped a few times over the next few years on who would run what.  Production at night….late.  Deliveries to Detroit, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids weekly.  Kejara’s at full tilt.

*2004  Aaron and I get hitched.  Awesome fun wedding.  Amazing family and friends.  Epic celebration.

*2006  Olive Louise Landry Ryder born.  Sarah Felicity Landry Ryder is reborn.  Motherhood is amazing, fantastic, challenging and awesome in it’s truest definition.  2007 Titus William is still born.  2008 Edwin James Landry Ryder is born healthy and at home.  Kathi Mulder is an angel on earth.  Helped us birth all three.  Depth of life deepens.

*Next four years keep business going strong.  Ck looking for a change.  Wants to shift.  I debate next move.  Decide to take business over.  Olive 4…Wyn 2.  Busy days….sleepless nights!

*Kroger.  Cherry Capital Foods.  Big growth.  Bring Kejara’s Bridge back…open for breakfast and lunch.  Rebrand all to The Redheads.

*2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!  New production facility at the Cherry Capital Foods building in Traverse City. Finishing floors as I type (or Aaron is…God love him).  BIG move to Tc.  Cafe stays open 7 days a week in summer.  Chef Fig runs the kitchen.  Jessica runs me…as she should.  Craig and Matt run production.  Kerry runs outreach.  DREAM TEAM.  Grateful.  Blessed.  Present.

Thank you for this journey.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to live a vital and authentic life.  It has been beyond thrilling.  Thanks to all our customers and vendors for “buying” what we are selling.  And a special thanks to all the people (and I am sure after all these years I have missed-a-many so please forgive me) off the top of my head for their direct time in making Kejara’s and The Redheads what it is today as being a part of our staff:

Jacqueline, Elizabeth, Heather, Ramsey, Lindsey, Sara Schwartz, Michi, Emily Jablonski, Emily Jo, Matthew, Kerry, Jennifer, Diane, Cory, Rose, Jazzy, Matt-turbo, Sarah Wright, Esther, Nate, Paul, Vanessa, Sarah Lutz, Caitlin, Amelia, Addy, Hannah, Sam, Rachel, Bradley, Tom, Missy, Lee, Jessie Berg, Darrin, Jamie, Natasha, Whitney, Jenna Lee, Jessica, Ben, Sidney, Bethy, Andrea, Elizabeth Sutherland, Savannah,  Kaitlyn, Kira, Lizzie, Murielle, Emma, Craig, Matt, Sherry, Lydia, Hannah Seamus, Jack, Eli,  Katie, Julie, Andy, Brian, J.W, Kolene, Austin, Chef Fig, Nikki.

To my insanely incredible friends.  For listening, supporting and making my life rich and full.

To my Dad and Mom for their endless support, my sisters for everything, my husband for his no questions asked believing in me as well as all his hours behind the scenes, my beautiful, amazing children, Olive and Edwin for the best of all life …for all the Ryder’s, Landry’s, Irwin’s, Bullington’s.

I am amazed that I am still here…with all of this.  And the growth and the creative and the challenge and the ease and the unbelievable people….all the way around.  I didn’t know the destination was going to get here and I am not certain where the next 19 will lead, but I am undoubtably grateful and extremely fulfilled with the life I have here in the hood , in Leelanau, with you.  Blessed be.  My eyes are overflowing with tears.

I am basking in this time of reflection right now and am deeply excited about the music Aaron, David and I are performing on Saturday, in the most fabulous room to play in, with folks who rejoice in the movement, with a Chef who loves food and life and connection, and with artwork my daughter and I have been creating the last few months, and with memories of an incredible dream taken to flight 19 years ago.

This is where the time has gone.

Nothing but love,

Sarah Felicity




March in’ down the line!

March is the month where Spring officially begins…and new beginnings emerge!  It is always an exciting time for me to reflect on the shorter days of winter, basketball season has closed and our busy season at The Redheads is lurking around the bend!  The sun is rising earlier and setting later, more people are out and about, the shadows are staking their claim and even rainbows have been seen dancing!  Movement is in the air and this year is one of the biggest steps I have made yet as I am moving our production from our Lake Leelanau location to Traverse City!  (Don’t fret folks, the cafe isn’t going anywhere, in fact we will be extending the hours at our LL location:)


Getting through March also is exactly just that as far as business goes, getting through!  Every year for the last 19 years (yes! 19 years), I have wondered how I was going to pull off paying the mortgage, along with the gas bill, and first and foremost~ payroll!  I remember in the early years, wondering why it was so hard and if it was this hard to do business (especially in Leelanau) why was I doing it!   I particularly remember one March about 2002 sitting on the edge of the stage with my head in my hands and my stomach in my throat.  Christen decided to take off to NYC for a few months for a change of pace that winter and it was spring break and cleaning time.  My Dad was sitting next to me while I gently wept.  My Mother then stopped in to say hello and quietly held space for my mini breakdown.  I just so desperately wanted the struggle to change.  I didn’t understand after all my hard work and dedication, why it wasn’t getting easier.


In reflection now, I can be certain of two things about that time back in 2002 as well as today’s March, 2016.  First of all, it was changing.  At that point, my sister was in NYC, leaving me to run the show.  That had never happened before.  I hired two full time employees and a part timer (Michelle and Emily and Emily:) to help me with covering the hours that Christen and I used to fill all by ourselves.  It was the first year I started to help Laurie and Jane coach Volleyball…and I made time to do it.  I paid myself a minimal salary.  I began to have freedoms even when I wasn’t always able to see it that way.  Two, I know now that my own limits were playing a part in my struggles.  As in, my own relationship to money and how I knew it to be in my life, certainly kept reinforcing what I knew.  An though I loved the relationships I was building, loving the county I was living in, and creating a business I believed in, financially I still struggled.

I am now taking a wonderful Entrepreneur class that is helping me re direct my own intentions.  I am also getting some really helpful analysis and projections help from other resources.  I am taking action, not just asking why, but ready to trust that I am supported financially and the work we are doing at The Redheads really truly matters and we can make a living wage doing it. And that moment lead to this one, and every action I have taken in this business (and life, for that matter) has led me to the next.   I want that for me and I want that for my staff.  This next step of moving production is a part of that movement and I can’t wait to show you along the way the new kitchen we are building out and the potential for growth we have!  (More details in next months blog:)

I sit here is Detroit writing this as I have had four significant sales meetings, and I am heading to Indianapolis tomorrow for another with Kroger.  The Cafe is being run by Chef Fig, Jessica is handling day to day operations and such, Craig and Matt have production handled…all while I am on the road seeking to create more accounts to support this new production facility.  My, oh my, has it changed.  It has been a wonderful 19 years, even through the tears.  I am grateful for all the challenges and opportunities for my own growth, along side the businesses.  I am thrilled for the new beginnings, and to “March” into new territories.  I am honored to be able to frame it all with new angles and  perspectives.  I am hopeful that I will remember that the journey has always been my goal.

Go get it.  March into your “now”.  Own it.  Live it Sassy.

It is just plain more fun!



Sarah Felicity






Love thyself so you can feel how to truly love another.

Motivate out of love rather than fear.

It is impossible to be unhappy and grateful at the same time.

Be grateful.

Be compassionate.

Because it feels right.

Because it feels good.

Because it is easier.

Because you can.


Love Big,

Sarah Felicity