It has been quite a ride the last few months for this little red head.   The short of it is, we had to abruptly vacate our custom designed 1700sq/ft production facility on October 28th, which has essentially left us homeless.  We are now immersed in an extensive litigation process that involves structural issues and breach of contract.  Under advisement of our attorney, we can not go into much more detail at this point in time, however, we have invested a great deal of our time, energy and money into this beautiful kitchen we built  as well as into reaching a resolution to this ongoing situation of over 3 years.   And in spite of the fact that it has been an incredibly difficult time for our business, staff, and family, we are committed to revelling in our mission of feeding the senses with healthy, fine foods  while engaging in enlightening mindfulness with our compassionate & true community!  We are asking for you to celebrate with us at a few Pop-Ups we have created to let you know that we are still here and fighting for all we have worked for in the past 23 years and need help to stay in this litigation!   Come play with us!



Yes!  Kate & Jen have been over the top amazing at helping us sort a Kejara’s Brunch at The Riv!  It will be buffet style with Bridge Bagels, Sassy Scrams, Tofu Pesto Burritos, local Bacon, local Greens, orange juice, coffee, mimosas & bloody mary’s OH MY!  And the famous fudge brownies for dessert yum yum!  Christen and I will be back in the kitchen slinging hash just for you!

This is a limited ticketed event and only available to purchase on our website at More details about this event there! 





LIVE MUSIC*APPETIZERS*SPIRITS!  Our Super Host… ‘Good Ole Graeme is offering the LTI for some Live Music by Elizabeth Landry, Blake Elliot, Half Past Tree (me, Aaron & David and special guests from Pocket Groove) and other EXTRAORDINAIRY musicians to be OFFICIALLY announced.  We will also have some delicious appetizers featuring The Redheads product line and of course, the bar will be open for a libation or two!  Come dance and celebrate with us!   Leap into it!  Donations accepted at the door for this event and please rsvp if you can just to give us an idea of how much food to make!





Christen and I will be doing a YOGA4  Chakra Workshop with free flow asana and live original tunes (written by yours truly) that link to the root of each energy center, allowing your body to listen to itself and move the way it wants too!  (We have been planning this workshop for years!)

Join sisters Christen & Sarah in their collaboration of a non-verbal asana practice and a sensory experience of live music specifically designed to correspond, cleanse, and realign each chakra.

There are seven chakras (energy centers) in the body that can become blocked by long held tension, negative inner dialog and stress. In this workshop, you will be taken on a physical & energetic journey through your body to unravel & release of blockages through physical movement and vibrational sound.

$40 workshop. Only available to register at The Redheads site, limited space.  Please go to home page and click on this event!karmym-1


We hope to announce a few more Pop-Ups before the summer begins!  Have an idea?  Send me an email!




A special shout out to Craig Foerster who has weathered this entire storm with me.  He has been flexible, committed, hard working and encouraging.  I can’t thank him enough. And of course, Christen who has dedicated hours to help us move and organize and in supporting us. Aaron gets a shout out too for hauling, delivering, stacking and sorting, and running the household while I work extra hours.   Lori and Brenda at Natural Northerns kitchen have been more than gracious with us and is why we still have fresh hummus on the shelves!  And all y’all who have held space for me through this process…you know who you are and I deeply thank you.


One Harvard Business professor defines entrepreneurship as the pursuit of opportunity beyond resources controlled.  We are proud to be entrepreneurs, as we know it takes a certain mind set.  Staying centered and strong in this situation has reminded me of so many years ago in 1996, when we bought our building in Lake Leelanau on land contract, worked at the TV station and Leelanau Country Inn at night while during the day transformed the Hot Spot into Kejara’s Bridge, which we claimed would be “a different way of living”.    We were determined to create a place to feed your senses;  clean, local, organic foods, vibrant artists and musicians, a darned good cup of coffee and the best clientele these Red heads could ask for!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the love and support then and now as we (as in us and you!) re-create and renew on this journey of life we are all experiencing together.   We feel you!  We see you!  We learn from you!  We got you!


 And these Irish lassies ain’t done yet:)

So, stay tuned…

And come celebrate at these POP-UPS with us!

All the very best and with great gratitude,

Sarah Felicity

P.S.  At the request of more than several people who are unable to make the pop-up events in person but who want to contribute to the cause, I have put a “keepin’ it sassy” donation button on my website homepage.   And we are always open to receiving prayers, peace, love…and all that gooey schtuff!



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