Keepin’ it REAL in the LEAP year!

For The Redheads, keepin’ it REAL means staying true to your roots,  standing strong in your beliefs and principles in a mindful and authentic manner.   (Shout out to mama Mary Lou…she taught us right!)  So, it shouldn’t surprise y’all  that we are  Keepin’ it REAL with our buddy Graeme and his crew at the Little Traverse Inn on February 29, 2020!  And as it happens, it is a leap year!  As many of you may know, it is the way we synchronize the Gregorian calendar, giving us an extra day every four years!

An extra day you say???  When time keeps on slipping into the future (yes, I just did), we GET AN EXTRA DAY???  Well, time is precious and we ain’t gonna waste it.  We don’t think you should either!  Join us at the LTI for some fantastic music, good eats, spirits, cheer, community, and purpose.   Unfortunately, mediation was not successful, so we are on our way to trial.  We did not breach our lease.  Instead, we endured years of roof leaks and potential contamination in our custom designed production kitchen which the building owner (now suing us) never repaired.  We were forced out and the entire situation has cost us oodles of cash and put our business at incredible risk.   Because of the amazing support of the last POP-UP at The Riverside Inn, we were able to retain the fabulous Doug Fierberg to represent us in this litigation.  We are all “INN” and we want to Keep it REAL in the LEAP year with YOU!

The idea of Kejara’s Bridge sprouted way back when I was 19 while studying in Ireland and traveling Europe.  Certainly pubs in Ireland were and are  the center of the community, hosting celebrations, funerals, music events, snooker, and included all ages of people in the town.  Coupling this idea, along with the clean, local food movement, Christen and I set out to encompass a few of our favorite things into one space in our roots of Lake Leelanau, Michigan.  Featuring artists and musicians was top on our list, as Christen is a fantastic artist and has a dual degree in  fine arts and business, and I have played tenor saxophone since sixth grade, am a self taught guitarist, have been in jazz bands, rock bands and as a singer songwriter, I use music as a way to connect to myself and to the world.


Graeme’s pub roots and music commitment, along with our shared conviction in how food and music is a fantastic way to connect to each other…continuing our roots in what is true and good in this county of ours.   My grandparents built a cottage in the 1950’s directly across from the Little Traverse Lake Inn, bringing our roots to the surface for this special PopUp event.  That lake, the big lake on the other side, the woods between, and the winding roads connecting it all are the back drop to my early years of life…and hold the most special place in my heart and in my purpose.  I am honored to bring these roots and that purpose to the LTI for some good ole knee slappin’ fun.   Let’s do this.

ELIZABETH LANDRY- This talented little sister of mine performs with the most smooth and elegant vocals…served with a side of sassy lyrics full of passion and purpose.  Treat yourself to really listening to all she has to share.  She will move you.

THE UKULADIES- This array of strong, talented woman have joined together to experience connection through little geetars and big voices.  The love energy they bring to the room is contagious and will surely fill you up!

SARAH LANDRY RYDER- I will be performing solo on a selection of my original tunes that are near and dear to my heart.  I hope you will find a ribbon of harmony to latch on to and join me in my efforts to stand tall and true.

HALF PAST TREE-  This “tree” piece (David Hill, Aaron Ryder & Sarah Landry Ryder) have added a fourth- welcome Josh Craker on lead guitar for a set of foot-tappin’, hip-smackin’, hands-clappin’  blues & rockin roll!


The Little Traverse Inn will be serving their fabulous menu featuring The Redheads in a few appetizers as well as a side of Bridge Sauce with fresh hand cut French Fries!  (Hey celiacs…he has a separate fryer just for us!  I can’t wait!!!)

If you want to have a table and some good eats, make reservations by calling the Inn at 231-228-2560.  If you just want to grab a cocktail, connect with your community and/or listen to some tunes, swing on in.  Keep it REAL in the LEAP year:).

We are standing tall in this fight for what we believe is right, for what we were promised, for what we deserve.  We will be heard.  We will share in good eats.  We will sing.  We will dance.  We will synchronize with our earth.  And we will do it all with authenticity.

Keepin’ it REAL in the LEAP year-  See you there!


xoxo Sarah Felicity

Feb 29th – The Little Traverse Inn



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